Dr. Susie Gronski

6 Day Hands-On Training Program™

A 6-day, customized program equipping you with the knowledge and skills necessary to recover from pelvic pain. 




Throbbing. Burning. Pain with erections. Most men are afraid they won’t get it up; you’re afraid you will -- because it hurts down there. But never mind sex, you might even have trouble sitting down. Simple, everyday things like driving, working at your desk, or going to the bathroom have turned into Mt. Everest.

You don’t have to live like this.

And you don’t have to spend months figuring it out or drop your pants for doctor after doctor to fix it.


Sure, you could go the DIY route. But that’s not your style. You’d rather gift yourself the time to take your health by the reigns, with an expert who’ll take you by the hand.

That’s me. With this custom program, I’m your...let’s say...concierge for the week. You get me every day, in my office, for 2-3 hours: I assess your pain, coach you through your best routes to relieve it, and leave you with a toolbox of techniques you can use for life. And, believe it or not, it’ll be fun. If you’re up for it, we’ll even take class outside -- yoga in the park, hiking, sometimes even dinner.

You’ll leave with remarkably less pain than you had when we started...and well on your way to consistent, zero-pain days.

Through our work together, you'll...

  • Gain the confidence you need to live pain-free
  • Understand the reasons behind why you hurt and what you can do about it
  • Learn proven, self treatments that will get your life back
  • Access an invaluable resource library that takes the research out of your hands (and keeps embarrassing search history off your browser)
  • Find out if your dealing with an overprotective nervous system and develop strategies to calm extra sensitive nerves 
  • Master hands-on techniques and exercises to help ease pelvic tension and pain
  • Retrain the protective pain response so you can get back to doing the things you love 
  • Optimize your gut health (One-wipe wonders? Yes, please.)
  • Get your own, individualized road map to recovery plan with me guiding you along the way 
  • Avoid unnecessary surgery and medications (especially antibiotics, which can mess up your gut, make you feel worse, and leave you resistant to antibiotics when you really need them)

"I have never been as optimistic about banishing my pain as I
am after working with Dr. Gronski."

Dr. Gronski treated me like a friend as opposed to merely a patient. She put everything in layman’s terms and make light of a serious subject in such a way it made me feel at ease. Her positivity and optimism is contagious. I can’t help but feel great
about my prognosis now.
— Ryan C. Scott, LA


  • You love one-on-one “on the job training”
  • Want to become the expert at treating yourself
  • You can dedicate one whole week to relax, learn hands-on skills, and take the time to integrate what you’ve learned (no matter how long it takes)
  • You’re willing to travel to Asheville, North Carolina
  • If you’re a huge nerd like me and love learning, we’ll work great together!
  • If you’re ready to reflect on you entire life and health timeline so you can create an action plan. Ready...Set...Go!


  • You love reading manuals and learning on your own
  • You’re too busy to take a full week off
  • You haven’t cleared any “red flags” or “big ticket” items with your medical doctor
  • You’re not ready to implement self-care regularly and stick with it
  • Evaluating your private areas is NOT an option

"What we accomplished in one week was more than I’d accomplished in 18 months working with other therapists."

I was surprised that after one session with Dr. Susie I was already feeling relief! Having someone on my side, helping me through the issues I had in my pelvic floor was incredible. I loved feeling taken care of and I loved how Dr. Susie told me that a normal life was POSSIBLE! What we accomplished in one week was more than I’d accomplished in 18 months working with other therapists.
— MARGARET H. Fredericksburg, VA

Within this program, I teach you the skills you need to be an expert in treating yourself.

You'll get 6 sessions of 1:1 hands-on practice, learning about your body and how to use self-treatment techniques successfully to ease your pelvic pain.

BONUS - YOU'LL GET THE MEN'S DIY PELVIC PAIN RELIEF PROGRAM™ INCLUDED FOR FREE! (step-by-step, video demonstrations of hands-on treatment techniques and exercises that will help you navigate out of pelvic pain)


The 6 day Hands-On Training Program includes:

  • A 45-minute 1:1 virtual consultation to listen to your story, review your health assessment and establish your goals 
  • A comprehensive health analysis and treatment plan based on your goals and specific needs
  • The Men's DIY Pelvic Pain Relief Program™ providing you with continued support and guidance in the comforts of your own home
  • A 2 hour evaluation by a licensed doctor of physical therapy and board certified pelvic rehabilitation practitioner
  • 5 x 2 hour one-on-one, hands-on training sessions guiding you through self-treatment techniques teaching you how to be your own physical therapist
  • An exclusive Hands-On Training Guidebook™ to support and enhance your learning during the program
  • Why Do I Hurt Workbook? To help you better understand your pain, how it works in the body, and to track and record your progress throughout your recovery
  • A boatload of knowledge about your body, especially the lowdown down below
  • Extensive education about the brain on pain and how this impacts your healing process
  • Tailored teaching on how to calm down an extra sensitive and protective nervous system via stretching, mindful movement, tender point releases, external and internal pelvic floor muscle releases, connective tissue mobilization, soft tissue massage, myofascial release, pelvic floor relaxation exercises and more
  • A customized guided mindfulness meditation recording 
  • 2 x monthly 30-minute virtual Q&A follow-up sessions to answer any questions you have while navigating through your program
  • Unlimited email contact during the month of your program
  • A customized pelvic health program modified to your specific needs
  • Partner instruction in hands-on techniques (if applicable)
  • Ongoing team-building recommendations so you get the best wellness team on your side
  • Access to health and wellness resources, including but not limited to videos, blog posts, articles, books, meditation guides
  • The guidance and power to be an expert in your own health
  • A goody bag filled with all the tools that you'll need to successfully practice self-treatment techniques on yourself (TheraWand, 2 myofascial release balls, lubricant samples, shea butter, essential oils, pelvic floor model, and much more!)

This is more than just stretches and exercises. It’s life skills.

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In the Hands-On Training Program, here’s an example of things we’ll cover.


Day 1: Getting To Know Your Private Parts


Evaluate pelvic floor
Identify muscles of the pelvic floor for self-assessment
Describe function of pelvic floor
Define perineum
Identify and be able to feel contributing fascial and connective tissue restrictions, tender points of abdomen, legs, back and perineum
Identify range of motion limitations in neck, back, and hips
Assess rib cage and breathing patterns as they relate to pelvic floor function and health
Observe pelvic floor function (contract, relax, bear down)
Recognize postural deviations contributing to suboptimal pelvic floor function



Evaluate your current knowledge about pain and how it works
Discover the type of learner you are
Identify areas where you feel stuck in reaching your personal and health goals
Describe how the nervous system influences your pain
Describe how thoughts, beliefs, fears impact pain
Understand the concept of acceptance vs. resistance
Understand the ‘hurt does not equal harm’ concept of flare-ups
Identify catastrophizing and ruminating thoughts
Recognize danger and safety signals as they relate to your pain experience
Implement perceptual changes to shift mindset about pain
Recognize healing as a journey and not a race

Day 3: Take A Breather


Describe function of the diaphragm and how it affects the pelvic floor and nervous system
Demonstrate and apply techniques to release your diaphragm
Demonstrate and apply various breathing techniques to help ease pelvic pain and tension
Demonstrate ability to find optimal posture for relaxed awareness of pelvic floor
Demonstrate use of breathing techniques for pelvic floor relaxation in functional and every day activities
Learn the art of a mind full of less
Learn how to meditate without being a zen buddhist
Apply meditation techniques moment by moment to control ruminating and catastrophizing thoughts
Strategize ways to use mindfulness in your daily life
Practice 10 minutes of customized and guided pelvic floor relaxation

Day 4: Get Limber & learn The Scoop on Poop


Demonstrate and apply stretches to ease pelvic pain
Demonstrate myofascial release ball techniques on abdomen, buttocks, and spine
Demonstrate use of breathing techniques with myofascial release and stretching techniques
Demonstrate self-led penile myofascial release
Apply myofascial release techniques to your abdomen
Understand concept of ‘listening’ to tissues
Understand how constipation affects pelvic pain
Define soluble and insoluble fiber and how it can affect constipation
Recognize the importance of fluid intake on constipation
Demonstrate proper toileting posture and defecation mechanics
Identify products that can be used to ease painful bowel movements

Day 5: Seek and Destroy!


Define a trigger point
Identify ways to improve success of trigger point release
Identify trigger points on yourself
Recognize and practice with tools used to treat trigger points
Demonstrate trigger point release for lower back, buttocks, groin, inner and outer thigh, abdomen, hamstrings, and psoas muscles
Integrate stretches learned in day 4 following trigger point release
Identify the pelvic clock
Apply external trigger point release for perineum and pelvic floor
Learn and apply connective tissue mobilization techniques to external pelvic floor
Demonstrate effective use of diaphragmatic breathing with trigger point release

Day 6:  The Magic Wand


Review and demonstrate the pelvic clock on 3D pelvic model
Demonstrate proper use and care of Pelviwand©
Demonstrate proper positioning and setup for internal release
Identify pudendal nerve internally and use of caution during internal release
Identify location of prostate internally
Perform internal pelvic floor trigger point release with Pelviwand© or finger
Perform internal obturator internus trigger point release
Demonstrate and apply various internal release treatment styles (Theiles massage, pressure hold, strumming)
Perform contract-relax technique to help with pelvic floor muscle relaxation
Demonstrate use of diaphragmatic breathing for internal pelvic floor release
Identify healthy types of lubricant
Practice, practice, practice

now accepting new clients

*This is not set in stone. I may add or eliminate portions of this schedule to best suite your learning style and goals for the program.


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