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In Your Pants with Dr. Susie G

What’s one question you’ve always wanted to ask about your private parts but were too shy to ask? Oh come on, we all have one!

I’m stoked to share with you my new podcast In Your Pants. Yup, just like the title describes we’re going to talk about everything ‘down below.’ It’s time to deconstruct social stigmas and taboos around your sexual health (and health in general) so that you can start feeling comfortable in your body, especially with your joystick and hoo-ha.


For your listening pleasure, In Your Pants is an honest, open, and transparent conversation about those ‘oh so embarrassing’ topics that we only discuss behind closed doors. Watch out, 'cause I’m taking the hinges apart and removing all doors!

I’m dying to know what’s on your mind so that I can ease your fears and entice your sexual taste buds. Yum!

Don’t be shy, let me know your thoughts. Email me your questions so that I can answer them on the show.




Do you ever wonder if the smell of your undercarriage is “normal”? In today’s In Your Pants episode your vagina curiosities are answered.

Screen Shot 2017-09-08 at 1.04.06 PM.png

Every conversation I have with a guy always ends up with me answering a question about ‘stinky vaginias’. Here’s my disclaimer about stinky vaginas: not every vahjayjay stinks. What smells good to one person might smell differently to another. It’s like green tea, some people love it while others hate it.

This is why Mari Zandstra and I chatted about the myths and taboos of ladyscaping giving you the ins and outs about vaginal hygiene and care. Learn about what ladies can do to enhance their “vaginal pheromones” and what guys like you need to do to support them (the right lubrication can make a world of a difference, no joke!).  FYI, it doesn’t involve infusing the vagina with herbs or jade eggs ha-ha.


Mari is a licensed physical therapy and a certified pelvic rehabilitation practitioner with over 15 years of pelvic health experience under her belt. She’s initiated and formalized the pelvic floor physical therapy program for Community Hospital in Munster, Indiana and has given numerous community presentations on various therapeutic topics. Mari’s serving the community in Valparaiso, Indiana treating both men and women with pelvic floor dysfunction. Learn more about Mari here.

So, if you wanna know the secrets to a great smelling vagina, click here to listen to the conversation.