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In Your Pants with Dr. Susie G

What’s one question you’ve always wanted to ask about your private parts but were too shy to ask? Oh come on, we all have one!

I’m stoked to share with you my new podcast In Your Pants. Yup, just like the title describes we’re going to talk about everything ‘down below.’ It’s time to deconstruct social stigmas and taboos around your sexual health (and health in general) so that you can start feeling comfortable in your body, especially with your joystick and hoo-ha.


For your listening pleasure, In Your Pants is an honest, open, and transparent conversation about those ‘oh so embarrassing’ topics that we only discuss behind closed doors. Watch out, 'cause I’m taking the hinges apart and removing all doors!

I’m dying to know what’s on your mind so that I can ease your fears and entice your sexual taste buds. Yum!

Don’t be shy, let me know your thoughts. Email me your questions so that I can answer them on the show.


Martial Arts to Pelvic Pain, One man's journey.

Today’s guest is possibly the best expert that you’ll ever get to know on this show. Michael Hodge is an expert in navigating his way out of pelvic pain. I always tell my patients that you’re the number one expert in treating yourself and you’ve got the potential to overcome even the toughest struggles.


I met Michael from watching his intimate interview with Dr. Bri Grogan on her FemFusion Fitness YouTube channel. This interview inspired me to reach out to Michael so he can share his message with all of you. It’s not easy talking about your private parts in public, let alone talk about an issue you’re having ‘down below’. This is such a personal topic that can often leave you feeling isolated and alone. Michael’s been kind and courageous enough to share his story with you in hopes to help you or someone you know struggling with pelvic pain find help, support and comfort as you navigate through your own health journey.

If you’re a man suffering from pelvic pain, know that you’re not alone. Listen to the episode to find hope and learn tips to help you navigate through your journey.

If you would like to ask Michael a direct message, you can send an email to:support@booklingual.com

Thanks for giving us hope Michael 💙



Despite suffering from pelvic pain, Michael still finds time to find meaning in his life.

Check out his recent passions 👇

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