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In Your Pants with Dr. Susie G

What’s one question you’ve always wanted to ask about your private parts but were too shy to ask? Oh come on, we all have one!

I’m stoked to share with you my new podcast In Your Pants. Yup, just like the title describes we’re going to talk about everything ‘down below.’ It’s time to deconstruct social stigmas and taboos around your sexual health (and health in general) so that you can start feeling comfortable in your body, especially with your joystick and hoo-ha.


For your listening pleasure, In Your Pants is an honest, open, and transparent conversation about those ‘oh so embarrassing’ topics that we only discuss behind closed doors. Watch out, 'cause I’m taking the hinges apart and removing all doors!

I’m dying to know what’s on your mind so that I can ease your fears and entice your sexual taste buds. Yum!

Don’t be shy, let me know your thoughts. Email me your questions so that I can answer them on the show.


Vuh-jahy-nuh talk with Mama Doctor Jones

Hey ladies (and gents), I’ve got a great In Your Pants episode for you today. It’s all about the vah-jay-jay. Yay! I chat it up with, the spunky and fun, Dr. Danielle Jones, MD otherwise known as “Mama Doctor Jones”.


Dr. Jones is an Obstetrician/Gynecologist and an advocate for female superwomen trying to merge medicine and all things that come along with being a woman.  She’s a wife, mom to twins + 1 and a Texan who loves Chicago Cubs baseball. Woohoo, Go Cubbies! 

 Woohoo, Go Cubbies!

On today’s show, I ask Dr. Jones about benefits and risk of contraceptive therapy; everything from birth control pills to the good ol’ fashioned pull out method. She recommends checking out a cool educational website for all things birth control - bedsider.org. Dr. Jones answers my curiosities about having a retroverted uterus and how it’s totally common and nothing to freak out about.

We even talk about why vaginas should be left alone. So, no, don’t go sticking a cucumber up there ladies. I don’t care what GOOP tells you.

“We need to live in a more body positive world”, says Dr. Jones. Check out the Labia Project so you can start appreciating the beauty of your vulva. They come in all different shapes and sizes and they're all beautiful!


This episode is one not to be missed, so what are you waiting for?! Listen here.

👉  Don’t forget to follow Mama Doctor Jones on Instagram and Twitter and she’s got an awesome blog.

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