Dr. Susie Gronski

Private(s) Consultation

Pelvic pain doesn't have to be scary. Knowledge is an analgesic. It can be a 'pain softner'. Can you think of a time when just understanding something took the pain away or reduced the threat? Not knowing what's going on 'down there' is scary and it might increase your pain. Knowlege reduces stress and the right kinda knowledge can reduce pain. 

Private(S) Consultation

“I had been experiencing pain in my pelvic region for over a year. After just one consultation with Dr. Susie Gronski, she was able to isolate what was causing my pain. She is by far one of the most knowledgeable, caring, and informative doctors I’ve met. She was able to take my misconceptions of what was causing my pain and flip it on its head.”


My approach is based on the most up-to-date pain science education and uses a unique blend of tools to help you feel your best. This includes a comprehensive health assessment and integrative wellness recommendations to optimize your health and get you back to doing the things you love.

In many ways, I serve as a coach to help you spot and resolve hidden issues that may be impacting your pain. You’ll have the support you need to reach your personal and health goals.


Here’s what you need to know:

Coming in once won’t be a silver bullet. I’m not going to “fix” your pain in one shot. No one can. Understanding why you hurt requires looking at the whole you, your brain, nerves, other bodily systems, your thoughts, beliefs, values, people in your life, what you've been told and even what you do and where you go. All the parts that make up who you are and how you function interact at the same time.

Getting rid of pain is a process -- or, you can think of it as a road, and I’m giving you the car.

That said, I’ve helped hundreds of people like you to overcome:

  • Pelvic pain

  • Pelvic floor dysfunction

  • Pain with sex

  • Bladder issues

  • Lower back pain

  • Constipation

  • Groin pain (when it hurts just to sit)

  • And much more. If it’s down there, I’ll help clear it up.



  • The lowdown about the brain on pain, and how to apply that knowledge to hurt less every day

  • The role your immune system plays in experiencing pain

  • Ways to reduce unhealthy thoughts, behaviors and language that keep you in the pain cycle

  • Improving your gut health, which profoundly impacts your mood, function, and pain

  • How to use belly breathing -- your secret weapon for calming stress and the nervous system

  • Healthy diet and lifestyle for each of your body's systems

  • Building a web of support to help you reach your goals

  • Other aspects of your life (like environment, relationships, stress, sexuality, mental resilience, etc.) that impact your physical and mental well-being

  • Health and lifestyle coaching to discover your body's own unique set of keys necessary to unlock your healing potential

  • Body awareness and mindfulness techniques that benefit you far beyond pain relief (giving you extra clarity, focus, and resilience in the face of stress)  

  • Non-painful manual therapy tailored to meet your specific needs and help you move better



Pelvic Health Consultation (2 hr session in-person + 1hr case review and plan creation)


  • Thorough health history review

  • Case review: behind the scenes, both pre- and post-consultation, I put in an hour-plus of research, devoting all my brain power to set you on the most successful path to recovery

  • Health plan creation (more research, resource gathering, wellness team building recommendations)

  • Tangible action steps you can immediately put into practice (I’ll create and email you a comprehensive recap)

  • In-person, whole body assessment and treatment

  • Ongoing goal setting / next steps (may take an additional sessions to figure out what better looks like for you)

  • Educational resources to supplement your recovery based on your needs

  • Email support between sessions


Follow-up sessions (1hr)

Can include:

  • Strategies to calm sensitive nerves

  • Soothing exercises and non-painful manual therapy to relieve pelvic pain

  • Mindful movement and body awareness training

  • Guided meditation

  • Mindfulness based stress reduction strategies

  • Cognitive functional therapy - an integration of behavioral psychology and neuroscience in the treatment of pain

  • Strategies to deal with flare ups

  • Non-painful manual therapy to help decrease the need for protection, guarding and pain

  • Completely customized for you on any given day



I can't put my hands on you, but I can still help you get out of pain and set you up with a plan for success.


Pelvic pain relief coaching includes:

  • A 60 minute virtual initial assessment to discover what’s keeping you from feeling your best and to map out your wellness goals

  • 3x60 minute virtual coaching calls where we work together to optimize your health and wellness

  • A personal blueprint for your recovery

  • Tools and strategies to help ease pelvic pain and get you back to doing the things you love

  • A crash course about the brain on pain and how this impacts your healing process (because mastering the brain-pain connection makes you more resilient EVERYWHERE)

  • Tailored teaching on how to calm down an extra-sensitive and protective nervous system via mindfulness, relaxation techniques, guided imagery, journaling and more

  • Ongoing team-building recommendations so you get the best wellness team on your side

  • Access to health and wellness resources, including but not limited to videos, blog posts, articles, books, meditation guides

  • Email support between sessions



Tough patient case using up all your brain power? or maybe you’re burned-out and overwhelmed with your professional career.


No matter what obstacles you’re facing right now, you can get that work-life balance you crave with a coach who’ll take you by the hand. Let’s figure out your next steps together!