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This IS for you if…

  • You love one-on-one “on the job training”
  • Want to become the expert at treating yourself
  • You can dedicate one whole week to relax, learn hands-on skills, and take the time to integrate what you’ve learned (no matter how long it takes)
  • You’re willing to travel to Asheville, North Carolina
  • If you’re a huge nerd like me and love learning, we’ll work great together!
  • If you’re ready to reflect on you entire life and health timeline so you can create an action plan. Ready...Set...Go!

This is NOT for you if…

  • You love reading manuals and learning on your own
  • You’re too busy to take a full week off
  • You haven’t cleared any “red flags” or “big ticket” items with your medical doctor
  • You’re not ready to implement self-care regularly and stick with it
  • Evaluating your private areas is NOT an option  

This IS for you if…

  • You like to do things yourself
  • You follow instructions well
  • You like to go at your own pace
  • You’re a visual learner
  • You feel comfortable trying new treatments on yourself
  • You “hate going to the doctor”
  • You’re committed to putting in the time and hard work into owning your health

This is NOT for you if…

  • You’re looking for a “quick fix” or magic cure
  • You need hands-on guidance and support
  • You procrastinate and don’t follow through on DIY projects
  • You’re like me and have 33 books waiting to be read…
  • Reading and watching instructional videos isn't your thing
  • You’re scared of hurting yourself trying something new, especially when it involves your private parts
  • You haven’t cleared any “big ticket items” or “red flags” with your medical doctor


This IS for you if…

  • You’re in my Hands-On Training Program and want to receive a full body treatment without worrying about taking copious notes
  • You’ve seen me in the past and want a tune-up
  • You value taking care of your body and your health

This is NOT for you if…

  • We’ve never met or gone through an evaluation session first
  • You’re looking for an “easy fix”
  • Evaluating your private areas is NOT an option

Don’t know who to see, what to do, or where to start? Let me help.

It doesn’t matter if you’re half way across the world or in my hometown. My program is for you if you:

  • Have pain in your genitals, abdomen, butt, testicles, yoo-hoo or whatever you want to call it.
  • Feel like you’re the only guy who's got this problem and have no-one to talk to.
  • Are freaking out that there’s something more serious going on down there.
  • Are fed up seeing doctors who only prescribe you medication but the pain’s still there.
  • Need someone to give you honest advice, no medical fluff.
  • Need someone to connect you with the right people so you don’t waste your time, money or resources in treatments that don’t work or end up making you feeling worse.

Are you ready to work together?

Here's how we can connect.

Frequently Asked Questions



Not sure which program to sign up for or if we’re a good fit? Don’t fret. Here are some frequently asked questions if you’re still unsure.

+ What’s the difference between private Treatment Sessions and the 6 Day Hands-On Training Program™?

In the Hands-On Training Program, I’m teaching you and not treating you. I use my hands to demonstrate self-treatment techniques and to correct or fine-tune your techniques as you practice. I educate you about your body and its functions, and I help you modify techniques to meet your specific needs. You get boatloads of resources and support.

In treatment sessions, I wear my physical therapy hat. I use my skilled hands to treat you. I ‘listen’ to your body using highly trained skills to find areas of restrictions that may be causing you pain and discomfort.

I’m intuitive and use an artistic style of treating your body. Treatment is integrative and comprehensive. To be honest, it’s hard to explain until you experience it for yourself. Sometimes you just need a body mechanic to give you a tune up!

+ What’s the Exploration Call all about?

You know when you just need a little nudge because you’re feeling stuck in the moment? You have unique resources, skills, ideas, and strengths to bring to the table. You also have your own fears, weaknesses, and struggles that might be getting in the way of reaching your maximum potential.

During our 60 minute Exploration Call, we’ll create a health history timeline so that together, and we will come up with strategies that are necessary to make lasting lifestyle shifts to help you live the life you imagined. As your personal life coach and educator, my job will be to show you your strengths, to challenge your comfort zone by helping you overcome fears, to broaden your resources using my professional skills and networks, and to take a stand for your vision.

I’m here to support you, even if you feel like giving up.

This for you if you’re ready to...

  • Take action and feel empowered to be an expert in your health
  • Receive support without any judgements
  • Invest in your health
  • Commit to change
  • Ditch the “find it - fix it” model of care to explore the real root causes of your pain
  • Focus on your mind, body, and spirit to enhance your quality of life

+ What’s {Pain} Train?

A journey with pelvic pain isn’t always easy and I know how frustrating it can be repeating yourself over and over again when describing what you’ve been through or are currently going through. That’s why I’ve collaborated with the folks at {Pain} Train to give you exclusive access to your very own communication portal.

You’ll be able to keep a detailed record of your entire health journey all in one spot! You can share this information with anyone you want.

When we work together, I’ll use the portal to make sure I’ve got a clear picture of your story and to track your progress during our time together. So no more having to repeat yourself or lug around all your health documents. (You can even upload imaging reports).

The best part? You can feel confident to tell your story the way you want and be empowered to manage your own pain journey. Once you sign up to work with me, you’ll get access to {Pain} Train for a whole year!

+ Do you only accept men for your 6 Day Hands-On Training Program™?

No, I enjoy working with both men and women with persistent pelvic pain. I know how upsetting and frustrating it can be with the shoe on the other foot, having suffered from pelvic pain myself.

The 6 Day Hands-On Training Program™ is tailored individually for male and female pelvic pain with an exclusive Hands-On Training Guidebook™ and a boatload of resources.

+ Am I considered your patient during the 6 Day Hands-On Training Program™?

No, because a patient is someone I am treating, and during the 6 Day Hand-On Training Program, you will be an active participant in learning the ropes to treat yourself. I’m not treating you. Rather, I’m teaching you. This is not treatment. There are aspects of the program that do require consent for appropriate physical touch and hands-on support, as little or as much as you’d like. This is a dynamic and interactive “on the job” training program where you have the ability and creativity to make this experience unique to just you!

+ Can I submit the 6 Day Hands-On Training Program™ to insurance for reimbursement?

No, because you’re not considered my patient during the time of your program, insurance will not reimburse your program.

+ When can I schedule my 6 Day Hands-On Training Program™?

The 6 Day Hands-On Training Program is available twice a month (dependingon my schedule). I only accept three participants for each scheduled program. You’ll be scheduled to come in on six consecutive days for 2 hours each day (this length of time is approximate depending on your needs, learning style, and learning pace). Training times on each day can vary depending on your and my availability. Click here for details about the program.

+ What if I attend the program and later decide that I would like more follow-up support?

Additional 30-minute, virtual consulting sessions can be scheduled (additional fees apply).

+ Can I participate in the program if I don’t live in North Carolina?

Absolutely! I’d love for you to visit Asheville. Many participants travel from various parts of the world to participate in the program.

+ What about transportation, accommodations, and things to do while I’m in Asheville?

I know that planning a trip can be challenging, but never fear, I’ve got you covered! After you sign up to the 6 Day Hands-On Training Program, you’ll get a follow up email with a detailed list of items and information you’ll need to help make your stay in Asheville a wonderful experience.

+ Can I work with you if I don’t have a doctor who is currently treating me?

In order to participate in the 6 Day Hands-On Training Program, it’s recommended that you consult with your doctor or healthcare professional prior. You want to make sure all “big ticket” items and red flags have been cleared. If you’re nervous about who to see or don’t know if you need to see a doctor, the exploration call with me is set up so that we can determine what next steps are appropriate for you to take.

One of my roles is to provide you with ongoing physician and team-building recommendations. But if you already have a physician you like, I encourage you to visit them before beginning the program, and to continue to visit and be treated by your healthcare professionals.

+ Can I get treated by you?

You sure can! Private Treatment Sessions are a la carte and can be scheduled during your 6 Day Hands-On Training Program. You can be treated by me if (a) you’ve been evaluated by me first, or (b) you have seen me in the past. Since the 6 Day Hands-On Training Program includes a comprehensive evaluation, if you’re a Training Program participant and you decide you would like to do so, then you’re more than welcome to add on Treatment Sessions during the time of your program.

+ You offer the Hands-On Training Program, the DIY Pelvic Pain Relief Program, and private Treatment Sessions. How do I know which is right for me?

Each program is tailored to meet your specific needs. Please check out the 6 Day Hands-On Training Program, the Men’s DIY Pelvic Pain Relief Program™, or Private Treatment descriptions on my website to help you narrow down which program is right for you. If you have questions, send me an email and I’ll help you make the decision.

+ What is your refund policy for the 6 Day Hands-On Training Program™?

Pre-Service Termination Policy: (1) If you decide to terminate the Agreement, you may do so for any reason and at any point up until ten (10) business days (a business day is Monday through Friday, including any state or federal holidays) prior to your Virtual Consultation. You agree to notify me - and receive confirmation of my receipt of the notice - by email. A Refund will be issued, minus a $100 administration fee, within ten (10) business days of my receipt of your termination notice. (2) If I decide to terminate the Agreement, I may do so for any reason and at any point up until ten (10) business days prior to your Virtual Consultation, and I will notify you by email and telephone. No administration fee will be deducted and you will receive a full Refund. (3) Even after termination by either of us, all of the terms of this Agreement, including all of the Investment, Refund Policy, and Intellectual Property terms, will still apply to both of us now and in the future.

Refund Policy: It is my intention for you to be satisfied with your Program. I do not guarantee results. I invest considerable time and effort in your Program, and once your Virtual Consultation has been completed, at any point thereafter, if you decide to terminate this Agreement for any reason, you are still fully responsible for making all Program payments if applicable, and no refund will be provided.

Emergency Reschedule Policy: Once you have made the Program payment in full, I will book your Training Program and reserve the calendar dates for your appointments. After I have booked it, and if there is an emergency, I allow you to reschedule once; you must rebook the Program date within twelve (12) months of your original scheduled date.

+ Do I need a referral from my doctor to see you?

No, because North Carolina is a direct access state for physical therapy services. If you’re looking to receive private treatment sessions and would like to submit to insurance for reimbursement, you will need to double check with your insurance company for any restrictions or referrals that might be necessary for submission.

+ What is pelvic rehab?

Pelvic rehabilitation is an integrative approach to treating issues in the pelvis that contribute to bowel, bladder, sexual health, and pain complaints. To read more about pelvic rehab, check out my blog post on it here.

+ Do you accept insurance for this program?

No, because I don’t believe that insurance companies should dictate your care. I provide a unique experience for you to learn how to treat yourself; that isn’t something that’s covered by insurance. Typically, insurance companies don’t and won’t pay for preventative wellness or body maintenance.

For those receiving private Treatment Sessions, you have the option of requesting a superbill at the end of your treatment with me so that you can submit it to your insurance company for direct reimbursement to you. Each insurance plan is different, so there is no reimbursement guarantee by my clinic. Please check with your individual insurance policy for coverage and reimbursement details.

+ What forms of payment do you accept?

I accept credit/debit cards (additional 3% processing fee applies), checks or cash.



Need a tune-up ? Come visit me in Asheville, NC

+ How long is a treatment session?

Treatment sessions are approximately 1 hour long. If you would like a longer session, additional fees apply.

+ What should I wear when I come to see you?

Guys, please wear something comfy like shorts and a t-shirt. For ladies, a sports bra and your favorite yoga pants will work. And because we’ll be exploring an intimate part of your body, you’ll probably have to take off your skivvies (underwear!). But don’t worry, I won’t just let you hang out in the nude. You’ll have a soft, snuggly blanket ready for you to drape over yourself for maximum relaxation and coziness.