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Hi, I'm Dr. Susie Gronski. Nice to meet you. Here are the top five questions I get asked at parties.*

Dr. Susie Gronski Pelvic Floor Specialist

(Yes, I’m a professional. But I’m also a fun-loving human who does fun-loving human things. So to tell you about me, let’s start with the usual ‘cock’-tail talk…)

  1. What do you do again?

  2. Do you have to see it to fix it?

  3. Why do I pee so much?

  4. Do your patients ever, um, get wood?

  5. Where’s that finger been?

So, in that order:

1.   I'm a physiotherapist for your privates. I'm not an M.D. or gynecologist. I train men and women on how to be their own expert in treating whatever's going on ‘down there.’

2.   Yes, I have to take a look to teach the client about their privates. But it’s surprisingly un-embarrassing.

3.   You’ve trained your bladder that way. But you can re-train it, and even get through a long road-trip without stopping for a comfort break. Let’s talk.

4.   Sometimes during an exam, guys will get a chubby, a boner, whatever you want to call it. It’s a perfectly normal response and it’s all good.

5.   Where hasn’t it been? (Wink wink. Pass the canapés, please!)


You’re probably getting the idea: I stay away from stiff, clinical, formal speak and talk like a person. Like a friend - a friend who knows a bit about how it all works ‘down there’ and how to solve any problems.


Here's what else you should know about me:


I’m always in class, finding out the latest techniques and discoveries. What works, what doesn’t, what I can bring back to the office to help you heal faster.



Don’t expect to be rushed out of the office in seven minutes flat. You can share your story the way you want it to be heard. I’m here to listen. No more feeling like just another number.



I’m a licensed doctor of physical therapy, a board certified pelvic rehabilitation practitioner, and a certified health coach. Simply put, I’m the doctor for everything ‘down there’, your pelvic pain coach, and mind-body mentor.

I spend 1:1 hands-on time with you, teaching you how to be the expert in treating your pelvic pain. Want to learn how to treat yourself to get your life back on track? Let’s talk. Schedule a 15-minute consult today.

If you’ve got something more than muscle-based pain like smelly ejaculate, blood in your urine, weird lumps and bumps that just popped outta nowhere, fever or chills, go see an M.D. They’re the guys who do all the blood tests and scans to make sure nothing more serious is going on.

If you're nervous about who to see or don't know where to even start, schedule a 15-minute consult with me to see if you need me, an M.D., or both.

*If you want to know all the academic technical stuff, click here.


Dr Susie Gronski Pelvic Floor Specialist

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