Dr. Susie Gronski


3 things a woman should do before a c-section scar to make the process and recovery easier

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Motion is lotion.

The more active you are and the more you exercise during pregnancy (of course dependent on the woman, individual health status before and during pregnancy) the better physical and psychological resilience she will have postpartum. Working on things like posture, core stability, proprioception and balance, pelvic floor function. Exercising during pregnancy not only improves mom’s health but also the baby.

In terms of maintaining a healthy gut micro biome, its always good to prepare and optimize your body's cellular function and energy in order to optimize fertility, health during and after pregnancy.

Eating  real food limiting sugar intake (especially excess fructose and lactose as those are not absorbed by the gut and can create malabsorption issues. This also includes carbs as those are broken down into sugars difficult for the body to process and break down), eat food in their natural form (i.e. how do you eat an orange? you peel it.). This will help to decrease inflammation in the body and improve body’s immune system for a faster recovery.

Manage stress.

This help decrease cortisol and other hormones that slow the motility and transit of the stomach and small intestines. This will help keep gut micro biome balanced, happy, and healthy improving immune, musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, urinary, digestive and nervous system.