Dr. Susie Gronski


6 things to do after your C-Section to make recovery easier

  1. Gently massage abdomen and work tissue around the scar, be careful not to be aggressive and don’t work directly on the scar until it is completely healed. Typically can take up to 6 weeks. Can massage using pure vitamin E oil or coconut oil

  2. Myofascial release work and visceral manipulation to work on adhesions. As a visceral manipulation practitioner I feel for altered or diminished motion within the viscera as well as any restrictions in the entire body that might be leading to dysfunction, pain, and tissue restriction. Releasing these tissue tensions will help create an environment optimal for healing and recovery.

2017-08-11 15.32.41 (1).png

3. I’ve never tried this myself but other colleagues of mine have suggested organic warm, castor oil packs to assist healing

4. Diaphragmatic breathing to naturally assist with abdominal soft tissue and visceral mobility

2017-08-11 15.56.12.png

5. Avoid constipation, straining during bowel movements

6. Exercise, start slow and build up your tolerance based on previous functional level and recovery progress. The will vary for everyone (i.e. walking)