Dr. Susie Gronski


Not Your Granny Panties

No one told 30 yo model Chrissy Teigen that she’d be going home in diapers after having her baby. Diapers huh? I can’t imagine that being comfortable. A stinky, heavy, sweaty plastic pad between your legs shouldn’t be part of the new mommy bliss.

I’ve got just the perfect solution for those pesky incontinence pads. Cause sometimes plastic just won’t cut it. Fannypants sent me a few samples to try on. One lucky seasoned mom was excited to be my test buddy.

Now, you’re probably wondering why I’m promoting incontinence panties when pelvic floor therapy does wonders for those trickling moments. Because sometimes pelvic floor therapy just doesn’t help everything. My test buddy, Sabrina, has something called Spina Bifida. It’s a fancy term for when a baby is born with a spinal cord that doesn’t close at the end of the spinal tube. This causes all sorts of issues for the bladder and pelvic floor muscles. She can tell when her bladder is full but gosh darn it those pelvic floor muscles just don't work right. They're not getting the signal to hold on tight! If she doesn’t use a timer to remind her to empty her bladder, she ends up dealing with a big mess! Changing her disposable pad almost every hour and sometimes wishing she had an extra pair of pants in her purse! Her shoes even get wet! I can’t imagine how annoying that is!

So I let Sabrina try Fannypants. Reusable, eco-friendly incontinence panties. These aren’t your granny panties.  Oh no. They’re feminine, seamless, and get the job done.  

Here’s what Sabrina had to say:

“It’s crazy. It never leaked out like the others. Going right through me and onto my shoes. With this one, it just stays there. I make it to the toilet before wetting myself.”

“I used the pad all day. It lasted for 7 hrs straight.”

“I noticed the other pads irritated my bladder. I peed more often.”

She’s been hooked ever since. Filled her whole lingerie drawer with lacey, pink bikini panties.

The best part? They feel like real underwear! No odor. No mess. No fuss. And who doesn’t feel good about saving the environment? Rinse, wash and re-use. If staying dry isn’t your problem. Woohoo!  They‘ve got cute aqua period panties you might want to peak at. 

Bottom line, leaking ruins your day. Don’t let it ruin your life. Work with a pelvic floor specialist. In the mean time, feel sexy with a new pair of panties.  Go out. Feel confident. Feel dry.