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The In Your Pants podcast is an honest, open, and transparent conversation about those ‘oh so embarrassing’ and difficult topics that we only discuss behind closed doors. It's a show dedicated to debunking myths around pain, pelvic health, and sexuality. 


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What are environmental toxins and should we be really worried about them?

We’re all exposed to environmental toxins on a daily basis. Environmental toxins are a result of industry impacting the quality of our air, food, water, soil etc. They’re found everywhere so thank goodness that we have amazing biological mechanisms that detoxify this crap out of our system.

But don’t let your body do all the work! The decisions we make and the habits we form can lead to a heavy burden on our detoxification systems which can rob us of our health. Bioaccumulation is a thing. To help us learn about environmental toxins and the impact they have on our health, I chat with Dr. Christian Gonzalez.

Dr. Gonzalez is a Naturopathic Doctor who is trained in integrative oncology and treats all diseases from acute to chronic. He’s passionate about educating and empowering people in becoming advocates for their own health.

On today’s show, Dr. Gonzalez will...

  • Give you the skinny on environmental toxins, particularly dioxin

  • Tell you how you can reduce your exposure to environmental toxins and optimize your health

  • Debunk health fads like alkaline water (sorry guys, drinking more won’t make you healthier) and “BPA-free” plastics.

  • Discuss the links between environmental toxins and cancer, endometriosis and persistent pelvic pain

  • Share his top tips to help you supercharge your ability to detox especially unhelpful forms of hormones in our bodies

  • Create a defense for veggies and why you need them

  • Discuss how environmental toxins can cause infertility for both men and women

  • Chat about toxins in tampons and how these toxins accumulate over time (let’s just say this one shocked me!)

  • Gives us the low down on organic foods

  • Defend why we need to look at the label!

  • Convince you to use food as medicine

Dr. Gonzalez encourages us to check in with our daily habits and evaluate whether they are helping us or hurting us? Bottom line, we need to think about the choices we make and reflect on the effects of those choices on our bodies and environment over time.

Click here to get a copy of the Environmental Working Group’s Dirty Dozen, Clean Fifteen Guide. Be sure to follow Dr. Gonzalez on Instagram @_doctor.g_ If you’ve got a question for the doc, email him at info@docgonzalez.com.