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Keeping Your Prostate Healthy w/ Craig Allingham

On today’s show we’re going all the way down under talking about prostate health and how to keep it healthy with professor, author, and men’s health physiotherapist, Craig Allingham.


After a successful career in high performance sports science and medicine, including four Olympic Games as part of the Australian Team medical support, Craig refocused his skills on men’s health.

Sadly, this was prompted by his Dad’s death from Prostate Cancer and observing the lack of knowledge on how men can manage both the disease and the side-effects of treatment. Craig developed a program for restoring continence and erectile activity for men following prostate surgery with the idea that these men were now pelvic floor athletes and needed a high-performance program to achieve their goals. His book ‘Prostate Recovery MAP – Men’s Action Plan‘ has been a great resource for thousands of men in Australia and overseas.

In response to the trend towards Active Surveillance (deferring treatment for low risk prostate cancers) Craig identified a group of men who were well monitored but not advised on how to reduce the chances of their prostate cancer progressing. His new book, ‘The Prostate Playbook’, is a strategic guide for men to suppress, undermine and sabotage their existing prostate disease or better still, reduce the chance of having cancer in the first place.

Here’s what you’ll learn on today’s episode:

  • The role of the prostate and how it functions

  • Curative treatment options for prostate cancer

  • Complications that may occur with curative treatments

  • What to expect post-prostate surgery

  • The importance of pelvic floor physical therapy pre and post prostate surgery

  • Ways to train your pelvic muscles to help with continence control

  • Active surveillance for prostate cancer

  • How you can sabotage prostate cancer and stack the decks in your favor

  • The effects of stress, diet, lifestyle on your prostate health

  • How frequent ejaculation influences prostate health

Connect with Craig on his website and be sure to follow him on IG, Twitter, and Facebook.

Check out his new book The Prostate Playbook 👇

The Prostate Playbook