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The In Your Pants podcast is an honest, open, and transparent conversation about those ‘oh so embarrassing’ and difficult topics that we only discuss behind closed doors. It's a show dedicated to debunking myths around pain, pelvic health, and sexuality. 


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Don't Let Pelvic Pain C*ck Block You

Dr. Oz got it all wrong when he said men don’t have pelvic floors. I wonder what keeps his poop and pee off the floor? In today’s In Your Pants episode, I chat with Karl Monahan, a sports and advanced clinical massage therapist who specializes in men’s pelvic health.

In 2004, Karl lost a testicle due to a bacterial infection and has been flying solo ever since. Through his experience, he’s devoted his clinical practice to helping other men navigate through pelvic pain and other dangly bits related issues, including a much mysterious issue called hard-flaccid. Hard what? I guess you’ll just have to listen to the show and find out…

This episode is exploding with information and tips to help you navigate out of pelvic pain, so hurry up and press play, what are you waiting for?


Psst… here are Karl’s top 3 tips to alleviating your pelvic pain:

  1. Self-care

  2. Take back control of your life

  3. Mindset shift

Hungry for more? Listen to the episode 😜

In addition to becoming a recent dad, Karl is a busy guy teaching and spreading the word about pelvic health.


Check out Karl’s upcoming happenings and writings:

  • Evening lecture at Le Pub Scientifique with Tim Beames


  • Blog for Trends in Urology


  • Commissioned article for Trends in Urology


  • Training seminar



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