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Because life is better without pain in your pants

The In Your Pants podcast is an honest, open, and transparent conversation about those ‘oh so embarrassing’ and difficult topics that we only discuss behind closed doors. It's a show dedicated to debunking myths around pain, pelvic health, and sexuality. 


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Let's Talk About Sex, Baby!


On today’s show, we’re going to chat about some difficult sex conversations, you know those conversations that no one wants to bring up. Well, not on this show my friends.

It’s time we break the mold and start having sex positive conversations, to create a more sex positive world and culture. And to help me do this I’ve got Alexa Martinez on the show with me today.

Alexa is a sex coach and mentor on a mission to reform sex education and sexuality expression across the globe. She’s from the deep south of Louisiana and if anyone knows how to bust through taboos regarding sex, it’s her. She’s the founder of The Violet Butterfly, a blog about love, sex & relationships and she speaks internationally on the same subjects.

On today’s show we chat about:

    • Yoni eggs

    • Threesomes and open relationships

    • extreme love

    • Adult breast feeding (yup, you read that right)

  • BDSM -bondage, dominance-submission, sadism, masochism

  • How you can create a relationship model that works with you and for you - You don’t have to fit a particular mold.

  • Sexual oppression, repression, and expression

  • Exploring sexual tastebuds skillfully (start slow and build up)

As Alexa says, “don’t yuck somebody’s yum”. Connect with Alexa on her Facebook Kaleidoscope community space  where you can celebrate someone’s pleasure and your own.


Vist her blog here and subscribe to her show Kaleidoscope Radio 🦋