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Visceral Manipulation

Dr. Susie Gronski - Visceral Manipulation


Visceral therapy holds a special place in my heart.

After suffering from swallowing difficulties for over a year, visceral therapy helped me get back to eating out with my friends again without fear that I’d choke on my food. I was hooked after the first class and spent the next five years studying visceral manipulation so that I can help you get back to living your life again.

What is it?

The term ‘viscera’ means your internal organs such as your liver, heart, kidneys. Visceral Manipulation (VM) is a gentle, advanced manual therapy technique that helps re-establish normal function of organs and surrounding musculoskeletal structures to decrease abnormal compensations causing dysfunction and pain.

As a visceral manipulation practitioner, I’ve gone through extensive hands-on training to perform the skills necessary to deliver visceral manipulation effectively.

The techniques and concepts focus on ‘listening’ to your body to find underlying restrictions and areas of tension.

This therapy:

  • Treats your whole body and not just your symptoms.

  • Is a unique art and style of treating your body by respecting your tissues and trusting in your body’s wisdom to heal itself.

  • Helps create an environment ideal for your body to heal.

How can VM help you?

  • Aids your body’s ability to get rid of unhealthy compensations, restrictions, and abdominal adhesions/scars

  • Specific to your body’s needs on any particular day

  • Enhances communication with the brain and the body to restore tissue health and function

  • Gives you an understanding of how your body systems work together for optimal health

  • Never the same old treatment routine

VM can benefit the following complaints:


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Sick of taking pills for your acid reflux? Maybe it’s time to try something different. Check out how visceral therapy saved my life.