Dr. Susie Gronski

Client Love


client love


brian l.

Asheville, NC

I am a Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapist who specializes in CranioSacral Work. When I get treatment from a therapist, I need him or her to not only be supremely qualified and experienced, but professional and HUMAN as well.

Dr. Susie Gronski was one of my teachers in a recent Visceral Manipulation Course I took, here in Asheville. I had the opportunity to observe her demeanor and knowledge over a three day period and was struck by her skills and the ease and grace with which she utilized them with so many different people and body types. When I found out what she  specializes in--Pelvic Health--and was moving here from Chicago, I decided to contact her for my own treatment, outside of class.

That treatment happened today. As males, in our culture, it is not always easy, or even "normal," to have anyone try to help us with our pelvic issues, of which we typically know so little. When part of the exam and treatment involves professional contact with our genitals, it could be an opportunity to further armor-up, or even run. With Dr. Susie, however, I was as relaxed and comfortable as I could possible imagine. Because along with her intelligence, respect for my privacy, engaging presence, perceptive abilities, soothing voice, and caring heart--and the sense that she must've done this thousands of times--her humanity shines out everywhere! She was palpating (touching) areas only my wife and I ever see, but with the easiness and professionalism of the best doctor or therapist I've ever had.

In a nutshell, I felt not only well-treated for my (significant) pelvic tension, but seen and valued as a person, and I felt empowered to take responsibility and loving ownership of my own body as well. I have great energy moving through my body, and my pelvis and its tenants feel alive and kicking! That is skill! I'll be sending people her way for sure. Dr. Susie, thank you; that was profound.



North Carolina

I was a male in my late 50’s in a new relationship who began experiencing an ache in what felt like the bottom of my being that intensified after sexual activity.  Over about 8 months, it worsened.  Neither my MD or a urologist had any specific ideas for relief, so I suffered physically and with doubts about my viability going forward until I got a newsletter from my doctor describing Dr. Susie’s practice.  

It would be difficult to overstate how helpful Dr. Susie was from the time I made contact with her to after only our third session, by which time the ache had largely disappeared and I was able to be sexually active without pain.  I now have techniques and a way of understanding and managing so the ache is either non-existent or a relatively minor and temporary inconvenience.

I highly recommend seeing Dr. Susie for any and all male issues in the nether regions.  


john h.

Riverside, IL

My doctor referred me to Susie to help me address chronic hip and back pain, which had been preventing me from living life to the fullest because of chronic fatigue and out of fear of further injury. After years of trying many other approaches, with Susie I hit on the only approach that made sense and helped me - a holistic approach that included not only therapy and exercise, but also building mental tools and perspective. Her healing hands and heart have improved my sleep and have given me the confidence to get up and live. She is the best care provider I have had the honor of working with.

I have been a patient of Dr. Gronski for a couple of months now and I have experienced a great deal of positive results.

Over the past ten years I have tried many forms of treatment, looking for something that would help with my lower back pain, leg pain, sciatica and loss of mobility. I've seen several GPs, chiropractors and I've gone through therapy several times now, with no long-term relief. I have submitted to chiropractic care, massage therapy and even acupuncture and acupressure. No-one had been able to detect any structural damage or provide me with an actual diagnosis. I was very frustrated and felt lost.

During the first appointment with Dr. Gronski, I could tell right away that the therapy/manipulation was doing something to address the main problem. I had had many massages before but I had never experienced the release of pain and tightness that I was experiencing in that first session. I don't know exactly how the treatment was addressing such deep areas in my body but I could just tell that the areas being addressed were the actual problem areas. When you have lived with pain for a long time, you just know when something is really working for you.

After several treatments, I've increased mobility in my lower back. I can touch my toes and bend at the waist with no pain or tightness. I can rotate to either side and I have resumed an active lifestyle. I can play sports with no pain and I am still experiencing other benefits. I also noticed that I have more energy during the day and I sleep better at night.

The best way I can describe how I’ve experienced treatment is that I’m feeling more normal than I did before, and my body moves and feels more like it used to, before injury. I am so grateful for having been referred to Dr. Gronski, and I would not hesitate to refer my friends and family if they were experiencing the same ailments I experienced.

Thank you Dr. Gronski for working with me and taking the time to explain what was happening inside my body.

Mario Valenzuela

Chicago, IL