Dr. Susie Gronski


Are Your Emotions Causing Physical Pain?


“Vicky, could you write about Spiritual and pelvic pain and barriers?” said Dr. Susie G.

Well….yes, I can!


Have you ever wondered why you are experiencing the pain that you are having in your groin?  We all know that if someone hits our arm and we bruise, we know where it came from.  But what if we have an internal pain within, where did this come from?

Our physical pain is always connected with our thoughts and emotions.  Did my past abuse cause this?  Are my anxiety and fears getting in the way?  What tosses and turns you at night when you are asleep?

So…..as you look at this picture of a closed rose, whether you are a woman or a man…..what do you feel in your body as you see this rose while knowing sexually what is or is not going on inside of you?  We can blame our parents/DNA or their actions or inactions… our bodies… is this just physical?.… could it also be psychological?  Psychological!!!  Not me!



Well….we certainly create barriers or even blockades to protect us from more physical or emotional pain!  This is a GOOD THING that our natural healing abilities are showing us…. “Respect ourselves and don’t let anyone in!”…, we shout inwardly!  Although, at some point, and if you are reading this, today is the day….we no longer need these barriers or blockades because we are in a healthier environment.  “I want to scream with excitement!”  So…now what, I still have this pain or issue that keeps me from opening and flowing with the freedom of love and life!

Or, could it be a spiritual reason?  How could THIS be?  We hold memories in our physical bodies…our spirits are always pure, so there is no reason to heal our spirit within….yet we may need energies within to be released so we can be awakened, alive, and naturally free again.

It is a process, and when pointed out what is GOOD about your journey of pain, we can then release and let go into our present lives with more spontaneity and fun!


Victoria Acton, MS, LPC, NCC

“In our Center….we become awakened, alive, and naturally free….”