Dr. Susie Gronski

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Schedule an online appointment for pelvic pain coaching with Dr. Susie Gronski, the physiotherapist for your privates.





I can't put my hands on you, but I can still help you get out of pain and set you up with a plan for success.


  • A 60 minute virtual initial assessment to discover what’s keeping you from feeling your best and to map out your wellness goals

  • 3x60 minute virtual coaching calls where we work together to optimize your health and wellness

  • A personal blueprint for your recovery

  • Tools and strategies to help ease pelvic pain and get you back to doing the things you love

  • A crash course about the brain on pain and how this impacts your healing process (because mastering the brain-pain connection makes you more resilient EVERYWHERE)

  • Tailored teaching on how to calm down an extra-sensitive and protective nervous system via mindfulness, relaxation techniques, guided imagery, journaling and more

  • Ongoing team-building recommendations so you get the best wellness team on your side

  • Access to health and wellness resources, including but not limited to videos, blog posts, articles, books, meditation guides

  • Email support between sessions