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The In Your Pants podcast is an honest, open, and transparent conversation about those ‘oh so embarrassing’ and difficult topics that we only discuss behind closed doors. It's a show dedicated to debunking myths around pain, pelvic health, and sexuality. 


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Food as medicine for pelvic pain w/ Dr. Jessica Drummond

On today’s In Your Pants podcast episode, we’re talking to Dr. Jessica Drummond about how the gut microbiome, digestive and immune health impact pelvic pain for both men and women.


Dr. Jessica is the Founder of the Integrative Women’s Health Institute. She’s passionate about empowering women who struggle with chronic pelvic pain conditions and hormonal imbalances, and female athletes, and supporting women’s health and wellness professionals globally. Dr. Jessica has two decades of experience working with women using physical therapy and functional nutrition, and teaching her colleagues, from an integrative, evidence-based, and conservative perspective.

Gut Microbiome

In this episode you’ll learn…

  • The connection between digestive issues and chronic pelvic pain

  • The interplay between your immune system and pelvis

  • How constipation impacts pelvic pain and what you can do about it. (One wipe wonders? Yes, please!)

  • Strategies to help you relieve digestive/autoimmune issues and ease pelvic pain

  • How to work with food as medicine and optimize your digestive health from nutrition to excretion; a plan to make you fall in love with food all over again.

  • Other potential root causes of pelvic pain and digestive health issues

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