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Hard Flaccid w/Gerard Greene

Googling to find information on hard-flaccid is like searching for a needle in a haystack. There’s not much on the topic other than a few blog posts and a forum or two. Hard-flaccid encompasses an umbrella of symptoms that can make any man cringe with fear and feel inadequate so that’s why I’ve dedicated today’s podcast to address this poorly recognized issue that men struggle with.

I’ve asked UK’s men’s pelvic health physiotherapist, Gerard Greene, to help shed some knowledge on hard-flaccid and give you practical advice on what you can do when your penis just doesn’t feel like yours anymore.

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Here’s what you’ll learn about hard-flaccid:

  • Description of symptoms

  • Potential causes

  • Connection to pelvic pain

  • Psychological influences

  • Behavioral impact

  • Theories behind the biology of hard-flaccid

  • How the nervous system influences penile tissue  

  • How kegels affect symptoms

  • Practical tips to help ease symptoms

Resources mentioned in the podcast:

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