Dr. Susie Gronski


6 Ways Guys Can Boost Their Fertility

A lot of guys go through life thinking more about preventing a pregnancy than purposefully causing one — until they want to have kids, of course. As a result, most aren’t thinking about the quality of their sperm. But recent research into male fertility rates suggests that guys should be making some serious lifestyle changes way before they’re ready to start a family.


The study in question is the largest and most comprehensive of its kind to date. It involved a meta-analysis 185 studies that included 42,000 men from around the world and data was collected between 1973 and 2011. The researchers found that men in North America, Europe, and Australia have seen a 52.4 percent drop in sperm concentration over the past 40 years.

While science hasn’t quite figured out the exact causes of that drop — some people say chemicals, some people say sunscreen, some people say obesity — there has been research on ways to boost any one guy’s sperm count. Here are six things you can do right now to boost your fertility.


Ejaculate more

There’s an old myth that ejaculating less results is stronger sperm, but it’s exactly that — a myth. In fact, a UK and Australia-based study found that the ability of sperm to travel through the vaginal canal is actually reduced by a longer time sitting.

Translation: Ejaculate more for stronger swimmers, but don't go overboard. It's all about balance.


Eat food with more antioxidants

They say you are what you eat — and that goes for your sperm as well. According to fertility expert Nick Raine-Fenning in the Telegraph, “[d]ietary antioxidants consumed via vitamins C and E, folate and zinc lead to fewer ruptures in sperm DNA strands.”

Luckily, this one is pretty basic. Eat a balanced diet of fresh fruits, vegetables, and lean meats and you should be good. 

Lose weight

Studies have found that men who are obese or overweight might have a harder time conceiving than men who are not obese or overweight. There’s also evidence to suggest that being overweight or obese might reduce sperm quality and sperm count — and make it harder for them to swim.


Quit smoking

Sorry guys, but both weed and cigarettes are no good for your swimmers. (Not to mention other parts of your body.) If you’re trying to boost your fertility, it’s time to put down the puffers.

Get off your butt

Contrary to popular belief, tight boxers won’t drop your sperm count. However, sitting a lot — in the commute to work, at your desk, on your couch later — will make you a couch potato. Exercise is your number one medicine when it comes to anything health related including fertility. 

Check your medications

Some medications can have a negative effect on fertility and sexual function, so make sure to ask your doctor about it if you’re on beta blockers, SSRIs, opiates, or prostate drugs.

Have sex (Yup, the title says 6 but I'm sneaking this one in here.)

No-brainer, I know. But if you're in pain, the last thing you're thinking about is gettin' it on with your partner. Sex should never hurt and if it does, reach out to me