Dr. Susie Gronski


Don't Be Such A Potty Mouth

No, I don’t mean stop cussing (I’d fail at that miserably). I’m talkin’ about the constant chatter that floats around your mind when you’re dealing with pelvic pain. If you check in with your mind right now, I’m sure that the weather up there is stormy.


Pelvic pain and pelvic pain tension can ruminate in your mind like a scratched up record player stuck on playing the same part of the song over and over again.

Holding onto unhealthy versions of yourself like “I’m never going to feel better” or “I’m an anxious person” or even “I’m doomed” can be painful and detrimental to your healing. These feelings and thoughts that arise for you are constantly changing and that’s a good thing. It means you are not your feelings because if you were, they would never change but we know that’s not true. Thoughts come and go like a storm that passes through. It’s not always storming outside and you won’t always have pelvic pain.

Change the version of yourself that you normally identify with. For example, instead of thinking “I’m a person suffering with pelvic pain” how about adopting “I’m just a person who’s overcoming pelvic pain.”

Holding onto a “fixed” version of yourself is like looking back at a picture from when you were 7yrs old and thinking you’re exactly the same person then as you are now (at least, I hope you’re not). We’re constantly changing moment by moment so to think that anything is ever going to be permanent doesn’t make sense.

So the stronger you hold on to this self-grasping version of yourself, the more painful it will be. If you truly think these feelings are you, then how can you learn to let things go? You can’t change anything if you think you’re “fixed’ and unchanging.

Find a more constructive person to relate too like someone who has the potential to be free from pain.

Just as there’s enough room in the sky for thunderstorms, there’s enough room in your mind for change.  

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